Regrades will only be considered if you 1 submit your

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Unformatted text preview: your grade. Regrades will only be considered if you, 1. submit your request in your hand writing, on a separate paper (stapled to the original exam), bearing your name, date, PID, and your reason for regrade within one week of the exam. 2. You exam must be unaltered - no additional markings of any kind. Only un-altered exams will be considered. Cases of altered exams submitted for regrades are considered academic dishonesty and will be pursued fully with the Academic Dishonesty Office ACADEMIC HONESTY: Please be aware of the UCSD policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Copying, discussing material or using reference materials during an examination is cheating. Fraudulence in exams (e.g. taking an examination for someone else or having someone else take an examination for you) is a very serious offense the consequences of which may be expulsion from the University. Any student found cheating on an examination will receive a "0" on that examination and pursued fully with the Academic Dishonesty Office for further action. Remember that you may not drop or withdraw from a course while a dishonesty case is pending, or if found guilty. DISCUSSION SECTIONS: Even though you have been assigned a specific section, and it will benefit you to stay with it, you may follow any sections that better fit your schedule. ADVICE: Read ahead for the course material and stay ahead! This is a lecture and text-based course – both materials are examinable The text is most important for problems and for clarification...
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