Use the study guide attend the discussions check your

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Unformatted text preview: of points from lecture. Use the Study Guide, attend the discussions. Check your answers in the Study Guide. Some find it useful to study in groups. If you don't understand a problem, first review the text and lecture notes, then see a TA or me. ADDING/DROPPING: For initial enrollment, for the first two FULL weeks of the quarter (to ADD OPEN LECTURE classes), and for all DROPS (through the 9th week), students use the telephone registration system (TeSS). WAITLISTS: Our department uses the conventional Waitlist procedure for LECTURE courses ONLY which is outlined in the front section of the Schedule of Classes. LATE ADDS: We CANNOT add students to courses AFTER the THIRD WEEK of the quarter. The Provost's Offices have become very strict about departments adhering to this deadline and I'm told no exceptions are made. CONCURRENT REGISTRATION (UNEX) STUDENTS: Generally, this course is full by the start of each quarter. Reminder, I cannot create new sections – these are limited resources. University Extension (UNEX) has a provision for allowing non-UCSD students to enroll into regular UCSD courses. However, all regular UCSD students must be accommodated BEFORE these students can be enrolled. A waitlist is maintained from the beginning the first day of the quarter (4010 York Hall for lecture courses and 3150 York Hall for lab courses). Comments It has been said, of the evolution of complex organisms, "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" – the growth of the embryo to the adult, tracks the way organisms evolve over time. In a sense, Organic Chemistry recapitulates the living world –molecule by molecule –and is the key to understanding b...
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