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Unformatted text preview: u F 2-4 pm, 5215 Chen ZHAO W 1-3 pm 5213 ** Espresso Roma (Price Center) GRADES: Midterm 1: Midterm 2: Final Total (MT1), 30 April 100 pts (MT2), 21 May 100 pts (F): 9 June (3-6 pm) 200 pts 400 pts The Challenges! I will offer challenge problems during the quarter, based on chemical literature. These require short, written answers, often requiring chemical diagrams and short explanations. These are not mandatory, but if you submit handwritten, original answers you could receive a bonus to increase your grades!! You could score 110% on your O-chem grade. Details to follow. • Be prepared to show a picture ID at all exams, (student ID card is acceptable). • All exam times are final. No make-up, early or late exams will be given so do not email me with requests for these. If you have a legitimate reason to miss a midterm, let me know in advance. If you miss a midterm without advance notice, I will consider your case only for unforeseen events, with supporting documentary evidence (e.g. note from your doctor) submitted in person, and only for students in good standing (i.e. maintaining a passing grade). The 'missed' grade M will be calculated as follows: M = 1/2*MT1+1/4*F. • All exams are closed book; no notes, models, calculators, etc. • Exams will cover all lecture material and assigned reading/problems, etc. • Regrades: If you feel a regrade is required, submit your exam to your section TA and the entire exam will be thoroughly regraded. This may or may not increase or decrease...
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