In Cane - has a more subtle reference as well The narrator...

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James Eppley In Cane, the poem– Song of the Son and the short story– Fern compliment each other. These pieces capture rural southern life at different periods of time. Song of the Son is pre-Civil War and Fern is post-War. The narrator of Fern goes on to list different things the South is known for. By the narrator giving these examples it seems that he is attempting to establish Southern identity since these are things the people of the South are known for. Specifically, it seems like the narrator is attempting to establish himself as part of Southern society. The narrator makes himself a type of expert on the South since he knows Southern culture. Both pieces also reference slavery. Song of the Son is a poem about slaves working while Fern also shows men as slaves to the woman Fern, but the story
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Unformatted text preview: has a more subtle reference as well. The narrator tells of a young “Negro” mesmerized by Fern’s appearance, almost slave to Fern, and about how a passing white man had to flick him with his whip to get him to move. It seems that the white man whipping the black man parallels an overseer whipping a slave for the same reason. The slaves in Song of the Son are different in that they are just working. Perhaps Toomer wanted the obvious slavery references to be plain and the non–obvious to be hidden. Quotes–Christianity “It found her throat, and spattered inarticulately in plaintive, convulsive sounds, mingled with calls to Christ Jesus” (19). “The pines whisper to Jesus”(9). “the Redeemer is coming back. Get ready, ye sinners, for the advent of Our Lord” (101). James Eppley...
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In Cane - has a more subtle reference as well The narrator...

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