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BME Questions_3

BME Questions_3 - thalamus mid brain pons medulla 4 Which...

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1. Which ventricle exists closest to the brain stem? 4th ventricle 3th ventricle right lateral ventricle left lateral ventricle 2. What to ventricles are connected by the aquaduct? right lateral & left lateral right lateral & 3rd left lateral & 3rd 3rd & 4th 3. The brain stem is split up into three parts. What is the lower-most part?
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Unformatted text preview: thalamus mid brain pons medulla 4. Which of the following seperates the cerebrum from the 3rd ventricle thalamus brainstem corpus collosum cerebellum 5. Which lobe is closest to the inferior part of the brain? perietal frontal occipital temperal...
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