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1. List the three parts of the brain stem. Answer: mid brain, pons, medulla 2. The _________ and ___________ fissures separate the brain into its various parts. Answer: Central, Lateral 3. Draw (or if given) the interior of the brain, label the major parts. Answer: Mid brain, pons, medulla, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, corpus collosum,
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Unformatted text preview: pituary gland, hypothalamus, thalamus, aquaduct, pinial gland, 3rd ventricle, 4th ventricle. 4. List the four lobes of the brain. Answer: Temporal, Lateral, occipital and parietal 5. ___________ fibers enter through the dorsal root of the spinal cord, and __________ fibers leave through the ventral root. Answer: afferent, efferent...
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