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BME Questions_6 - b) aqueduct, medulla c) tube, pons d)...

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1. The section between the mid brain and the __________ is the _____________. a) medulla, thalamus b) thalamus, pons c) medulla, pons d) thalamus, pituitary Answer: c) medulla, pons 2. The _________ leads to the 4th ventricle outside the ____________. a) tube, thalamus b) tube, cerebellum c) aqueduct, cerebellum d) aqueduct, thalamus Answer: c) aqueduct, cerebellum 3. The _______ leads to the 3rd ventricle underneath the __________. a) tube, medulla
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Unformatted text preview: b) aqueduct, medulla c) tube, pons d) tube, thalamus Answer: d) tube, thalamus 4. What is the name of the fluid located in the cavaties a) ECM b) CSF c) ER d) matrix Answer: b) CSF (cerebrum spinal fluid) 5. The two main fissures in the brain are the __________ and the __________. a) occipital, lateral b) lateral, vertical c) frontal, occipital d) parietal, vertical Answer: b) lateral, vertical...
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