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01_23_09 Questions

01_23_09 Questions - c Caries blood to and from the lungs d...

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Physiology Questions January 30, 2009 1. Where is the SA (sinoatrial) node located? a. Right Ventricle b. Left Atrium c. Left Ventricle d. Right Atrium Answer: D 2. True or False: The Purkinje fibers cause the heart to beat the fastest? 3. The top portion of the heart is called? 4. Tell whether the following characteristics describe pulmonary circulation or systemic circulation.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Caries blood to and from the lungs d. Carries blood throughout the body Answers: a. Systemic circulation b. Pulmonary circulation c. Pulmonary circulation d. Systemic circulation 5. Put the following parts of the heart in order to form the correct path of blood arriving at the heart from the vena cava. a. Left ventricle b. Aorta c. Right ventricle d. Right atrium e. Left atrium Answer: a. Fourth b. Fifth c. Second d. First e. Third...
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