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01_30_09 Questions

01_30_09 Questions - recruited all at once a Short...

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Physiology Questions January 30, 2009 1. Where is the SA (sinoatrial) node located? a. Right Ventricle b. Left Atrium c. Left Ventricle d. Right Atrium Answer: D 2. True or False: The Purkinje fibers cause the heart to beat the fastest? Answer: false 3. What is occurs during systole? (Mark all that are correct) a. Ventricles contract b. Ventricle relax c. Blood leaves ventricles d. Blood enters ventricles Answer: A and C 4. What characteristic of action potentials in the heart, prevents muscle fibers from being
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Unformatted text preview: recruited all at once? a. Short refractory period b. Long refractory period c. Nothing, the all of the fibers of the heart contract at the same time d. The anatomical structure of the heart Answers: B 5. Which valve prevents the backwards flow of blood from the ventricles to the atrium? a. Aortic valve b. Ventricular valve c. Atrioventricular valve d. Semilunar valves e. Left atrium Answer: C...
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