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Physiology Questions February 6, 2009 1. ____________ stimulation causes an increased heart rate, and ____________ stimulation cause a decreased heart rate? Answer: Sympathetic, Parasympathetic 2. In the first .05 seconds of ventricular contraction, the pressure in the left ventricle ____________ and volume of the left ventricle ______________? Pressure increases, and volume stays the same. 3. Heart rate is primarily determined by? a. autonomic stimulation of the Oculomotor nerve b. autonomic stimulation of the Vestibulocochlear nerve
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Unformatted text preview: c. autonomic stimulation of the SA node d. autonomic stimulation of the AV node 4. The minimum and maximum pressure that is the left ventricle experiences is? a. min 65 mmHg and max 120 mmHg b. min 80 mmHg and max 120 mmHg c. min 0 mmHg and max 120 mmHg d. min 0 mmHg and max 80 mmHg 5. Suppose that the end-diastolic volume is 175 ml. and the end-systolic volume is 35 ml, what would the stroke volume be in ml? a. -140 ml b. 210 ml c. 140 ml d. 83 ml e. Insufficient information is given...
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