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02_27_09 Questions

02_27_09 Questions - 68 mmHg What would the weighted...

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BME 106-004 1) All of the following contribute to the diffusion of oxygen across the capillary walls except what? a. large cross-sectional area b. thins walls c. high pressure d. slow velocity of blood flow 2) True or False : All of the capillaries of the body contain pores that allow the easy transfer of waste and nutrients from the blood to the surrounding tissues? 3) Suppose that the systolic and diastolic pressures of a person were 134 mmHg and
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Unformatted text preview: 68 mmHg. What would the weighted average of the arterial pressure be? _ 2( ) 3 Systolic Diastolic weighted Ave P P P + = = 90mmHg 4) True or False : Intrinsic control of the arterioles refers to control that is caused by the ANS? 5) Peripheral resistance is controlled what? a. Amount of water in the blood b. Cilia lining the blood vessels c. Arteriole sphincters d. Irregularly shaped proteins that reside in the blood...
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