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BME 106-004 1) What are Opsonins? a. A protein that kills bacteria b. A cell that attaches foreign material to a phagocyte c. Produces inactive enzymes that are ready to degrade viral proteins d. Produces antibodies 2) True or False: Interferon is part of the specific or acquired immune response? 3) What is one cause of the inflammatory immune response in the human body? a. T–cell lymphocytes b. vasoconstriction
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Unformatted text preview: c. interferon d. vasodilation 4) ____– cell lymphocytes are produced in the _______, and they travel throughout the blood stream, also they come in these two types __________ and _________? B, Bone Marrow, memory, plasma 5) ____– cell lymphocytes are mature in _______, they and travel directly to specific invaders and are essential in _______ immunity? T, Thymus, cellular...
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