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Can190 F-10 JCu - INTRODUCTION Welcome to CAN190 This is a...

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INTRODUCTION Welcome to CAN190. This is a course about Canadian government, politics, history, society and culture. It’s an opportunity to consider, discuss and write about the underlying traditions, culture, and present day concerns of this country called Canada where most of you will work. It demands reflection, critical thinking, active participation, careful listening, good writing and presentation skills. Be sure to read the outline containing key course information at . Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to: 1) appreciate the historical, social, cultural and economic context of Canadian politics and government 2) understand the international environment in which Canada exists 3) understand the significance of immigration and refugee policy in the shaping of Canada 4) understand the dynamics of aboriginal rights and multiculturalism in Canadian society 5) appreciate the significance of the Canada-Quebec relationship in the ongoing history of Canada 6) understand the structure and function of the Canadian political party system 7) appreciate the relevance of Canadian literature and film in understanding Canadian history and society 8) identify the nature, role and effectiveness of the major institutions of Canadian government 9) better understand the fundamental characteristics of the Canadian constitution
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GRADING / ASSIGNMENTS Grading Scheme Participation 20% Test 1 15% Final Exam 15% Book review 10% Film review 10% Group Presentation 30% Assignments Participation : is a must. This class lives on always respectful, but sometimes fractious discussion and debate. Show up prepared with your mind engaged. Test + Exam: there will a test on November 1 and an Exam at the course end, date TBA. All group presentations, required reading, films screened in class and class presentations of any kind will provide the content. You will be given a choice of questions – you pick some so to answer briefly with concise prose. Book/Film Critiques : choose one book and one film from the lists below. Be prepared to write the film review on the test of November 1. Be prepared to write about the novel you selected on the Final Exam the week of December 13. Group Presentations This is the fun part. You + 2 or 3 colleagues will pick one of the topics listed above. Please be prepared to present and discuss the ideas, trends and issues that Canadians must consider in covering that issue in the coming years. A simple slide show from the Internet or superficial Google searches will not cut it. Be prepared to synthesize and present information and analysis based on enterprising research. USE A LIBRARY AND THE DATABASES AVAILABLE ON THE SENECA LIBRARY SITE. It is also recommended that each group meet with me during my office hours in preparation of its
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Can190 F-10 JCu - INTRODUCTION Welcome to CAN190 This is a...

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