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Discuss three traits - ANSWER 3 The three Values of my...

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ANSWER 3 The three Values of my brightest color are: 1) Spiritual- I am a very spiritual person. I strongly believe in the power of god. I believe in all religions. When I woke up early morning, I always pray for couple of minutes. Before taking my first meal and before beginning my studies I remember god. I understand that everything happens for a reason and nothing is constant. 2) Listening- I have always been a good listener. I understand that to be a good speaker one needs to be a good listener. Whenever there is any discussion or debate going on, I first listen to all the views and then present my point. My friends appreciate me for being a good listener. And that is the reason that I have a large friend circle. During my school days one of my friend came and he started to shout on me, I listened to him till the time he was done and asked him the reason of doing so. He said that I had said something against him to the teacher. Then I explained him that i haven’t spoken to that particular teacher since 1 week. He felt very apologetic and said that if there would have been someone else, then the case would have gone worse 3) Flexible – When I say that I am adaptive to change and can adjust myself to fit different situations, it means that I am flexible. I have encountered many difficult situations and many strange people in my life. Sometimes situations and people were so bad that it was almost impossible to survive or live with them. But my flexible nature made me fit in all the cases. I am a vegetarian. When I came to Canada for
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Discuss three traits - ANSWER 3 The three Values of my...

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