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Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology INT213 – Fall 2010 Assignment Part 1 This is the first of a two assignments that you are required to complete for INT213. This assignment evaluates your knowledge of the concepts presented in weeks 1 to 5 of the course. Teams This assignment will be constructed in teams of two. You and your partner are to decide how the work will be split up. Since the assignment will play a major role in the term test and final exam, it is highly recommended that each member involve themselves in all aspects of the assignment. NOTES: 1) If you lose a team member (dropped class, etc) you are still responsible for the entire assignment. The phrase “It’s not fair” is not in our vocabulary. If there is another student in the same situation, we may allow these people to combine into a team. 2) Deadlines are carved in stone. The only exceptions are i) the world is coming to an end and ii) those with special needs that are provided extra time. Special Needs Students please make sure you identify yourselves and note that because of the length of time provided for the assignment, we may not be able to accommodate you. We cannot extend the deadline past the last week of classes. 3) Please do the work yourselves. The college’s policy on Cheating and Plagiarism is quite clear and we will follow it to the letter. 4) Make frequent back-up copies of your assignment. All members of a group should have copies of these backup files. I cannot allow additional time based on lost files. 5) Always check the announcement for new updates and corrections to the assignment. Assignment Requirements Overview A company called ABC has contracted you to create a test web site for them. The company requires a site that will allow their administrator to track service calls regarding problems with hardware/software. The web site will allow Administrator to enter service requests and to track completion of their requests. Administrators will also be able to track the requests, add employee accounts and view service reports. General There two parts to this assignment. For Part 1 of the assignment you are required to set-up script that will form the basis for Part 2 of the assignment. The following HTML pages have been created for you. Login.asp login page for employees Employees.asp adds and updates employees accounts RepairRequest.asp updates and creates new service requests RepairReport.asp list of repair requests Menu.asp administrators menu 1
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Requirements for all Pages HTML 1) Names of all text boxes could be changed if needed so that the name reflects the purpose of the textbox. These will become the variables used in the script to pull information from the text boxes.
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