Case_Study - 1 You are the director of IT for a small...

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1. You are the director of IT for a small company that has 10 employees and 10 computers. The network is currently setup as a workgroup and each employee is required to log in with a personal account to access a workstation. You have just learned that the company is expected to grow by a factor of 10 in the coming year and you have been given a larger budget to build the software and network infrastructure of the company. -centralized server, domain controller, Windows, set at one place. Cant make 10 computers How can you make administration of this growing network more scalable? 2. You have been directed to update all workstations to windows vista, the board of directors would like you to recommend a version of vista to purchase for all the machines in the office. You have determined that this version will need to have Remote Desktop capability that supports incoming connections, bitlocker drive encryption, compatibility with a domain, and support for up to 8gb of ram. Most cost effective windows vista support those features, 64 bit/8G Ram. [Enterprise] Bitlocker is on enterprise/ultimate … mutil media would be Ultimate 3. All of the computers in the office where purchased 3 years ago, are running windows XP and are pentium 4s with 512mb of ram 40gb hard drives, integrated video with 64mb of onboard memory, and dvd drives. What will need to be upgraded to have these systems Windows Vista Premium Ready? RAM, capabible 512mb / ready 1G, upgrade license
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Case_Study - 1 You are the director of IT for a small...

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