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Intro- The purpose of this paper is to educate students of Seneca @ York College about the contrast between two well known education institutions, in limitation to fee for international students. One is the York University and the other is the Seneca @ York College. Thesis- York University is much more expensive for international students than Seneca @ York College in relation to Tution, Insurance, Supplementary, Transportation. BP1- Tution Fee York University charges an annual undergraduate fee of $17,000.00 from its international students, whereas Seneca @ York Colleges, for a diploma course charges $10,000.00 from its international students. So, York University costs roughly $7,000.00 more than Seneca @ York college. BP2- Insurance Fee Besides tution fee, York University’s annual insurance membership costs $1000.00 to an
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Unformatted text preview: international student, on the other hand for the same duration an international student at Seneca College pays $450.00 as an annual insurance membership. One important point here is to know that at York University, it is mandatory for international students to pay an insurance premium. However Seneca College gives the flexibility for an optional insurance, if there is an existing policy going on. BP3-Supplementary Fee Furthermore, there are some more costs that international students have to pay, particularly, athletics, recreation, maintenance, technology fee and more. These costs come under supplementary fee, and for York University students it is...
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