fish as a pet for college students

fish as a pet for college students - Thesis: - Fish are the...

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Thesis : - Fish are the best pets for college students because of their low maintenance (saves time), good for health and cost effective nature. T1 :- Fish need low maintenance and are less time consuming. T2 :- Fish, as pets are cost effective. T3 :- Fish are good for student’s health. Title : - Benefits of keeping fish as pet for college students. A pet in my words is an animal that offers you companionship and makes you feel accepted and happy. Their unconditional love provides peace of mind. Most of the students love to keep a pet of their own. But, when they live in a rented apartment or in hostel, and do not have sufficient time for their pets it becomes difficult for them to decide which pet to keep because they need someone to attend their pet. In this kind of situation they need a pet that requires less maintenance and less time. Fish is a pet that fits best in this role. In this paper I will be educating college students that fish make the best pets for them as fish needs less maintenance, is cost effective and are useful for student’s mental health. The most important benefit of fish as pets is that they are the least demanding in terms of maintenance. They are easy pets and do not demand for grooming, training and walking. You never have to take a fish for walk or have to comb their hairs. A fish will never leave a mess on the carpet to pick up or chew your slippers. Fish are very silent, so your neighbours or room partners will not complaint about the noise. Fish are also less
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fish as a pet for college students - Thesis: - Fish are the...

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