Perceptions - C)navejo language has no active verbs “...

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Perceptions:sapir-whorf 3. langu age. Sapir-whorf hypothesis:your languages determinds you perception of reality( of the world).* *critisms: -does language follow the culture? Not culture for language? -just because you don’t have a word on something doesn’t mean you cant experience it. A. refutal:ex.french-americas. Had to decide what was in the French is was more romantic. Different languages have different vocabulary words: A)Ex.Inu-yet language have many words relating to snow, so they have different perception on snow that people in different language would not notice. B) different words for colors like English and its different color uses like for crayola colors.likewise there are other languages with few words for color i. Africa and its 2 words for colors (cool colors and hot colors)
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Unformatted text preview: C)navejo language has no active verbs “ D)social language in the us states pay attention to language. i.Grown black man was ca alled a boy in the south. A bird Motiva in the the hand 4.Motivation A) religious motivations: peoples perceptions are connected to religion. i) jesus was seen in the clouds. ii)hindu gods saw in the tomatoes in India 5.sterotypes: sets of believes we have on the attributes on certain groups of people. generalization A) we get them from social values or past experiences,or parents. B) Powerful in influencing our perceptions. .influences infers that we make about a particular group. Then when you see a group you will look for the sterotypes in people. C) Half-truths D) Mass media creates sterotypes. 6.roles occupational: student versus professor Motiva...
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Perceptions - C)navejo language has no active verbs “...

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