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McCarthyism - People believe what they are told and don’t...

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McCarthyism Page 1 Victoria L. Berry Title: McCarthyism Instructor: Christine Hooper November 4, 2010
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McCarthyism Page 2 McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S because it was based on the punishments where primarily economic. People lost their jobs, McCarthyism effects the thoughts and also lives of people around because of the environment it was created in similar to Salem during the witch Trails. Back then it seemed like people were to afraid to speak to, about or against the government because of fear that was being called communist. For example I feel like right now with the election going on the government is saying if you believe in abortions then you are not American, The government believe they can steer you away from what lies ahead based on them giving little evidence so that you would not be able to decide on your own.
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Unformatted text preview: People believe what they are told, and don’t want to go against the government because they feel they will be casted out because of the power that the government has. I would have to criticize it as inappropriate for the time in which it occurred and I say this because I feel that when you have authority of any kind you should lead by example, it is like having kids you teach them and a raise them into the person you believe they should become, and on 02/09/1950 Joseph McCarthy made a speech claiming to have a list of 205 people in the state department letting these people go. People were afraid of him and the power he had he used this as holding peoples fate, McCarthyism Page 3 and if you went against him you would be labeled a “communist”. I don’t agree with this and I still feel that the authority tactic is still being used today....
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McCarthyism - People believe what they are told and don’t...

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