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Love psych 5 - Survey 1_t 2t 3t 4t 5t 6t 7t 7physical 8f 9f...

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Survey 1_ t 2-t 3-t 4-t 5-t 6-t 7-t -------------7 physical 8-f 9-f 10-t 11-f 12-t 13-t 14-f -------------3 game playing love 15-t 16-t 17-t 18-t 19-t 20-t 21-t ------------7 friendship love 22-t 23-t 24-f 25-t 26-t 27-T 28-T -----------------6  shopping list love (true means picky) 29-T 30-F 31-T 32-T 33-T 34-T
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---------- 6 possessive love  36-T 37-T 38-T 39-T 40-F 41-T 42-T    -------  6 Unconditional Love  What are the most important components of love? Compomemts of love 1) Intimacy  a. Sharing feelings and providing emotional support  b. Self-disclosure 2) Passion a. Sexuality, romance, and attraction 3) Decision/Commitment a. Decision to fall in love and commit for such love A) Narcissistic love –self cetered B) Conscious love –rational and reasoning love C) Erotic love –sexual attraction to another person. It is the biological, sensual component  of love relationships. a. Are love and sex the same? No b. Is sex an expression of love? No D) Dependent love –it develops when someone’s needs are fulfilled by another person E) Friendship love –Its exist between individuals with common concerns and similar  interests F) Altruistic love –Unselfish concern for the well-being of another    Finding dates 1) Clubs/bars 2) Dating service 3) Personal ads
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This note was uploaded on 11/26/2010 for the course PSYCH 5 taught by Professor Abdelhamid during the Spring '10 term at El Camino.

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Love psych 5 - Survey 1_t 2t 3t 4t 5t 6t 7t 7physical 8f 9f...

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