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Course Agreement For Distance Course taught by Richard Davis, TVCC I understand that the following rules and conditions apply to this class. 1. All unit tests have due dates and cannot be made up. They must be taken at the student’s local college testing center in a proctored environment. The testing center has the password to access the test. Chapter quizzes are for preparation for the unit test. Each testing center has its own hours and testing procedure. It is the student’s responsibility to know their testing center protocol. 2. All labs have due dates. If submitted late they will have a 10 point deduction. They can not be submitted after the unit test they are part of is due. 3. Tests and labs can be submitted early to accommodate trips, work, play, or other activities. 4. It is the student’s responsibility to drop the class by their colleges drop date if they are
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Unformatted text preview: unable to complete the class with an acceptable grade. 5. All email communication should be done through the BlackBoard email, not to my college address. This insures I read it, and know what class you are in. 6. Copying another person’s work, two students turning in identical assignments or any other type of “cheating” will result in a zero on the assignment. A second offense will result in being dropped from the course. This does not apply to group activities. Please type your name below to signify you understand and agree with the above course agreement (25 pts). Answer the following questions (25 pts each): 1. What are the hours of your testing center for the current semester? Mon – Fri 8am – 4:30pm 2. Who is your testing center coordinator? Janice Sutton 3. What is their email address? [email protected] Jason Murray...
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