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Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating 1 Healthy Eating Plan...

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Healthy Eating 1 Healthy Eating Plan Tammy Lowe University of Phoenix Axia College
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Healthy Eating 2 Prior to reviewing my diet, I was not aware of the things I was eating on a daily basis. I figured since most of my eating was prepared at my home that it was healthy. However, I now know that foods prepared at home can be just as unhealthy as food purchased from the local fast food restaurant. Prior to this experiment I never paid attention to the daily requirements I am suppose to meet. Requirements in food group such as dairy, fruit, and vegetables were never a priority of mine. I figured that as long as I am full after eating that’s all that matters. I always try just to eat enough, and stay satisfied after my meal. One of the nutrients I never consume enough of is protein. I always try to meet my daily requirement and always fall short. Either because I just don’t eat enough of it or because some of the things I eat does not contain enough protein or no protein at all. I always try to eat a lot of meat and vegetables but sometimes never end up eating any at all throughout the day. I am making it my plan to begin grocery shopping more for vegetables and fruits and start eating my daily requirements. When I go to the grocery store I typically forget to the right amount of vegetables and fruits. I am not sure why, maybe it’s because it does not interest me as much as meat and grains. I definitely have to change that around and start picking out more vegetables and fruits when I go to the store. To avoid forgetting to purchase foods that are healthy, I will create a list prior to going to the grocery store. My list will contain foods that I am lacking in on a daily basis. Before having kids I usually ate a lot of fast food and went out to eat a lot because it was easy and didn’t require any cooking or preparation.
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