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Bio Lecture October 1st

Bio Lecture October 1st - Types of mutation Point mutation...

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October 1 st , 2010 Flow of material & information Genetics: genotype> phenotype S strain smooth has a defense against the mouse immune system: one makes capsule and one does not Phenotype (protein) Avery et al Smooth (normal enzyme wild type) Rough (broken enzyme mutant) Phenotype is heritable Isolate colony dilute to low concentration, plate onto agar, and let single bacterium grow into colony From info coded in DNA, to info coded in RNA, to proteins that fold
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Unformatted text preview: Types of mutation Point mutation- new nucleotide Deletion mutation- deleting out whole certain Insertion mutation – inserting fresh DNA into genome What happens to mut1 phenotype if we transform DNA of mut3 straun into mut1 strain Prototroph- complementation by mutant allesls affect different genes Complementation tells us number of genes in pathway...
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