Global Health Oct 5th

Global Health Oct 5th - China Mao gave people new hope...

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Global Health Oct 5 th Health in the news: US apologizes for infecting Guatamalens with syphilllis North versus South Taking advantage of less developed human rights Do not need to look very far for mistrust Living wills: if you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions about health care, you designate it to someone else South Carolina study: asked people ‘do you have a living will?” European Americans: yes Native Americans: no, we don’t talk about death Asian Americans: designated their doctor African Americans: don’t turn the machine off, opposite of the reason that living wills are imposed. Believed that physicians are to be mistrusted and would turn machine off
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Unformatted text preview: China: Mao gave people new hope “Peoples Revolution” Believed that the workers were very important Mao goes insane, they hide him so a whole group of people can take control: his wife Wanted to educate people: made characters more simple Shut down the universities and told people to work in fields: backfired India After colonialism the constitution was based off many democracies, majority French Needed to have democracy because they realized that the british were able to colonize india because of the feudal system Som: centrally planned society that cares about the poorest of the poor Elections can be meaningless...
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