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An Unspoken Truth My name is Alemayo Yigezu (name changed to protect identity). I am 14 yers old I am a Grade 5 students Nick you ar fine? Work is fine? Computer and anotter work fine? Nick my mother is dead My father is dead but God and SaLE my mother and father Bye Nick I love you This letter was written to me by Alemayo, one of the orphans whose housing, food, care, clothing, and school fees are provided by Save Lives. Although he is 14 years old, he inconspicuously blends in both physically and socially with the nine- and ten-year-olds who come to play in the Save Lives compound. His bright brown eyes naturally radiate joy, as if he has an amazing secret that he can’t wait to share with the world. Even in moments when he is upset, his eyes maintain a spark, deceiving others into believing that nothing is wrong. Immediately after we met, Alemayo and I established a close bond, which solidified when we engaged in a soccer ball juggling competition in a complete downpour. We spent 30 minutes afterwards washing the mud from each other’s pants, shirts, and faces. As my basic Amharic has improved, we have shared our opinions on the best English Premier League football team, how long it will take the local tadpoles to mature into frogs, and what is culturally appropriate and
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Hart_Fellow_Nick_Shangu_An_Unspoken_Truth - An Unspoken...

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