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ICQ_10 - Chapter 16 Regulation Stimulation of RNA synthses...

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Chapter 16 : Regulation Stimulation of RNA synthèses Transcription activator proteins : DNA binding domains that recognize specific DNA sequences that bind to transcription machinery Bacteria: RNAP simple, activator contacts RNAP=more tightly bound=more gene expression Eukaryotes: RNAP , many subunits Genes compacted in protein off unless activated Acetylases destabilizes histones available to transcription machinery 16.1 regulator promoter and enhancer Gene transcription regulated by 3 sequences upstream from transcription site TATA box, part of core promoter No direct contact b/t activator and RNAP, recruits/binds transcription factors that interact with RNAP CCAAT box: not eukaryotic counterpart-35, not always present, position varies, more than one GC box Both in regulatory promoter/proximal promoter region Transcription factors TFIID: contains TATA binding protein, ensures pre initiation complex attaches at right place THIIF: helicase and kinase activity Kinase: phosphorylates the C-terminal domain of RNAP, conformational change in RNAP enzyme, initiation elongation phase Each protein coding gene has own regulatory promoter Enhancers: able to stimulate transcription Can be located far upstream or downstream Work in either orientation
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work in modular fashion Means for gene regulation: control level of activator protein in nuc Upstream activating sequence (UAS) in yeast: single regulatory region Works at variable distances, either orientation Do not function when located downstream Activators (2) must bind to enhancer and promoter and interact through mediator for full gene expression 16.2 Transcription Activator proteins TAP=transcription activator proteins
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ICQ_10 - Chapter 16 Regulation Stimulation of RNA synthses...

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