Judgment_Call__5 - "Should service projects undergo ethics...

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"Should service projects undergo ethics committee review?" Ethics committees are defined as ….service project, which work done by one person or a group of people that benefits another. From researching organizations like _______, I have come to understand that ethics committees… It is necessary for service projects to undergo ethics committee reviews because they provide objective regulation that ensures proper _____. The benefits of ethics committee reviews are vast and impact many different aspects of service work. A unifying standard, a safeguard for cultural relativism, and stringent regulation to prevent fraud all legitimize both the existence and work of service groups. Without ethics committee reviews, it would be virtually impossible promote ethical behavior in any aspect of service work. ________, ethics committee review provides a unifying standard that all service groups need to abide by. Government models like those the United States and Europe, have shown that when a single standard is applied, it provides an effective backbone to maintaining the structure and integrity of all organizations. With something as detailed as NGOs and service organizations, a case by case anaylysis is simply not feasible. This is the case for many reasons. First, one standard simplifies the …and reduces confusion as to what is and what is not allowed. Furthermore, a single standard helps to maintain direction towards stated goals. It is important that these goals are consistent with what the service organization has explicitly stated as their
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Judgment_Call__5 - "Should service projects undergo ethics...

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