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Jessica Wang PSYCH 99 Project 1: Comparing Personality Tests For this personality assessment project, I chose to analyze the discrepancies in the results of my personality test based on differences in the sources of data. The purpose of this activity was to illustrate the impact of subjectivity in the field of psychology. For example, when I took the personality test for myself, I attempted to portray myself in the most realistic light possible. However, when my roommate took the same test on my behalf, the results did in fact show differences. Therefore, these variations suggest that she and I perceive my personality in different ways. After taking the Big Five Personality Test, the website returned my scores on the five OCEAN traits, namely openness to experience or intellect (O), conscientiousness (C), extraversion (E), agreeableness (A), and neuroticism (N). Based on the test, I typically do not seek out new experiences; I am neither organized nor disorganized. I am relatively social and enjoy the company of others. I find it easy to express irritation with others, and I am generally
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This note was uploaded on 11/27/2010 for the course PSY 99 taught by Professor Grimes during the Spring '09 term at Duke.

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project 1 essay - Jessica Wang PSYCH 99 Project 1:...

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