Project 2 Coding Commercials Worksheet

Project 2 Coding Commercials Worksheet - PSY 99 TV...

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PSY 99 TV COMMERCIAL CODING INSTRUCTIONS Instructions: Watch commercials during a few different types of shows, and even different times of day (prime time commercials might differ from daytime ones), and avoid selecting two commercials in a row or selecting commercials that have more than two central figures (can have other people, even a crowd, as long as they’re not the central actors). Use one row of the coding sheet for each central figure , i.e., a commercial with two central figures would use two rows. The coding categories listed on the coding sheet are just a few of the variables that have been examined re: the portrayal of men and women in commercials. Not all may be helpful, and some might not even apply in some cases. You can feel free to modify this coding sheet, substituting or adding other categories that catch your interest. A few possibilities are mentioned at the bottom of this page. Suggested coding options for each category are listed below to get you started, but some might never occur in your data or you might have to add new choices. However, when analyzing and reporting your results, too many options for a category might make it difficult to discern patterns or draw conclusions, so you might even lump some codes into more global options. For example, in “major activity” you might be able to lump together “sports” and “relaxing” into one code (leisure?) to make your discussion more manageable. On the other hand, if sports always involve males and relaxing is always being done by females, then you’d want to keep those separate – maybe the active/passive distinction is important. Don’t stress about coding options and categories – we won’t be evaluating how “professional” your coding looks. The worksheet is just a guide to help you evaluate whether men and women are portrayed differently. Coding Suggestions (just suggestions, not requirements):
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Project 2 Coding Commercials Worksheet - PSY 99 TV...

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