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project 2 essay - Jessica Wang Psych 99(section 2 Portrayal...

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Jessica Wang Psych 99 (section 2) Portrayal of the Sexes on Television Over the centuries, women have been consistently bound to the role of the nurturing mother or loving spouse, and men have been characterized as competitive and authoritative. However, has modern society erased these stereotypes and replaced them with a more equitable view of the two sexes? Based on fifteen different television commercials that are currently airing, the images of males and females have become more balanced in some aspects, but not in others. Today, women have gained more legitimacy in representing experts or authority figures. In the meantime, men are moving more towards the domestic and familial side of the spectrum, thereby decreasing the discrepancies in the gender gap. However, the approaches and affects used by males and females in persuasion still differ on television. From the data collected, all advertisements use predominantly young to middle-aged actors, but more males are middle-aged than females. In general, youthfulness holds more importance for women because the effects of aging hit females faster. When an older woman appears on screen, she possesses less appeal than a man of similar age. In terms of the predominant setting of the commercials, many more males appear in domestic settings. Of course, numerous females also utilize the domestic environment as a tool for advertisement, but the gradual increase of males in such sceneries serves as evidence that society’s view of the sexes is becoming more homogenous. Males, who have traditionally played the part of the occupational and somewhat aloof member of the family, are now reaching out and expanding into a more nurturing role. Out of the fifteen commercials that were gathered, only one
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This note was uploaded on 11/27/2010 for the course PSY 99 taught by Professor Grimes during the Spring '09 term at Duke.

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project 2 essay - Jessica Wang Psych 99(section 2 Portrayal...

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