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Week 1 DQ 2 - In order to build rapport between two people...

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Rapport is a human interaction that you are not even aware that you are doing. I am an avid reader mainly of historical romance novels and have found that I feel a better connection to authors such as Gilbert Morris, or Janet Oke because they are writing on a topic that we both share a passion about. I feel that in order to have a rapport with someone you must share something in common. For me and the authors of the books that I like to read that is history. This common bond is what makes a difference in if I am going to pick up another one of their novels.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to build rapport between two people you need to share something in common. It is going to be hard for someone to build this rapport with someone if they really don't have anything in which to discuss or to build on. Also to build rapport with someone you need to be able to make your ideas clear and easy to grasp. When you are reading a book you want to be able to follow the plot line and have it make sense and understand where the story is going, but at the same time still leave you guessing as to what is going to happen next....
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