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Interpersonal communication is a process of sending and receiving information. This information can be between two people or a group of people. The purpose, audience, tone, and content are very different between personal and business communication. Personal communication is going to be with someone with whom you know on a more personal level. The purpose of this type of communication is more relaxed your going to talk about things that are more personal the tone will be light and easy and the content is going to vary. The relationship that you have with this person(s) is going to contribute to
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Unformatted text preview: the inside joke and the over all content of the communication. Business communication is going to be professional. The purpose is going to be to relate information about the project or issue that your are working on. Your audience could be a variety of people such as a manager, vice president, fellow employee, or someone who works outside the company. The tone is going to be informative and the content is going to contain whatever information you need to give to others based on what you are working on....
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