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Week 3 DQ2 - that I am an excellent speller but there are...

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There are a lot of qualities that make written communication effective. Some of the qualities that I feel make written communication effective and ones that I would say that I myself use in my personal writing is the ability to be straight forward and blunt, to have proper spelling, formatting of communication based on who will be reading your communication. I am a straight forward and blunt person. It annoys me to no end when people put what I would consider fluff into a communication. I would rather just have someone give it to be straight. Tell me what the problem is don't sugar coat it. Just tell me what needs to be done, and how we are going to go about fixing whatever needs to be fixed. I know that what I might consider fluff might not be fluff to someone else. I think that being straight forward in communication makes it easier to understand and is honest. In this day and age no one should really have trouble with spelling. I myself would say
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Unformatted text preview: that I am an excellent speller, but there are times when I just cant figure out how to spell a word. All I can say is thank god for spell check. The proper formatting of communication that is used is also something that makes communication effective. The format of things such as memos and letters are taught because by having a common format it allows communication to be made easier. For example a memo is going to be formatted with; to, from, cc, date, subject, and it will be left justified. Just but knowing how a memo is formatted even if there was nothing to indicate that this communication was a memo it would be apparent from the format. I feel that distance learning is going to help me to incorporate new ideas to make my communication for effective as well as improve on the tools that I already to use....
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