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I am struggling with coming up with some unwanted reactions as to my idea for a final project idea. I suppose that there could be a reaction that the idea for a media center could possibly not be a good fit for a business to be added to the River View Plaza. There could be some objection also because there would be an increase in noise, possibly even traffic to the building. To ensure that I get the committee to accept my idea for this media center I will address some of these issues. I will point out that the media center is going to make the business more efficient. For Digifast it is going to cut down on them having to go out and ship a package or go out and pick up large document orders. They would now be able to just
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Unformatted text preview: walk into the media center and pick it up. Also this will make communication a lot easier. If the media center is doing a printing job and finds a mistake instead of having to call and email they could just send someone up to Digifast and get the corrections made. As for the increase in noise there would be some way that we could sound proof the room that the copiers are in so that they noise is greatly reduced. To deal with the possibility of increased traffic the pick up and deliveries of packages by UPS and Fed Ex could be scheduled early in the morning or even in the evening so that there is not the delivery trucks being in the way and causing a problem with traffic and parking,...
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