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MEMO TO: Charlotte Alexander ,Mark Jackson, Stacie Matthews, Dave Martinez, Steve Taylor FROM: Tabitha Neufind DATE: October 17, 2009 SUBJECT: River View Office Services The purpose of this memo is to present the benefits of having River View Office Services as out newest tenant. A questioner was sent out to each business and their employees to gather opinions on the services that will be offered by River View Office Services. The response that we received was overwhelming. River View Office Services is going to be not only offering printing and shipping, but also will offer faxing, courier service, brochure design, flyer design, selling shipping supplies, and much more. Having this type of service located within the building is not only going to be a convenience, but it is also going to save time and money. With today's tough economic times making the most of each dollar is important. River
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Unformatted text preview: View Office Services will help to do just that. No longer will trips have to be made to each different shipping agency. Production of large quantities of pamphlets, brochures, and flyers will no longer have to be dropped off to an outside company, but now can be produced without ever having to step outside of the building. No longer will you have to spend hours and hours waiting for the courier service pick up. With River View Office Services the time that is saved will increase efficiency and get the biggest bang for your buck. Construction has began on River View Office Services and within the next few month should be open for business. We look forward to the added convenience, and hope that it will help to bring in more business for all....
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