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This past summer one of my closer friends her and her husband bought a house over in Auburn Washington. She really wanted to have myself and my boyfriend, along with two of my other friends and their son come over so we could see the house and spend some time seeing the area. It was decided that we would all get together over the 4th of July weekend. I thought that this sounded great. This idea first came to light back in May shortly after they had moved into the house. As the time go closer we began to discuss what we were going to do. It was decided that the day that we got there was going to be kind of a just get everything organized and relax kind of day. The next day we were going to drive to Olympia, Washington and see the state capital, have a picnic, and walk around. The plan for the 4th of July was that we were going to drive down to Westport, Washington and go to the ocean. Now I was really excited about this because I had never been in the actual ocean before. So it was decided
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