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Week 5 DQ 2 - our form of government is to draw you in He...

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I watched the Yes We Can Speech by Ronald Reagan. The body language that President Reagan used made him come off as confident. He didn't just read from his notes but he made sure that he looked up at the crowd. He used good posture, and he smiled as he spoke. Making you feel that he knows what he is talking about and that what his speech is about is important. I feel that a written version would of been less persuasive. I feel that without being able to see Reagan's body language and hearing the tone that he used is what makes the speech persuasive. His tone is a tone of urgency which makes you feel that this is a problem and something needs to be done to rectify it. I feel that as a speech writer for a president you need to realize that your audience is going to have varying levels of comprehension. To be effective words need to be used that everyone has an understanding of. Reagan uses words like "we Americans" and talks about how unique
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Unformatted text preview: our form of government is to draw you in. He uses the logic that the government is for the people, by the people, and of the people. He states that the government needs to work with the people and not over us. He states that government must stand by our side and provide opportunity and foster productivity. He uses states that in order to be seen as an example to the rest of the world we need to worry about achieving larger goals rather than smaller goals. The effect of these words brings out a sense of patriotism and that if we work together as American we can solve any problem. I feel that this speech is very persuasive because President Reagan makes you feel compassion, and that it is an honor to have the freedoms that we do. http://www.manlyrash.com/blog/reagan-video-library#...
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