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Applying Style Guidlines - pages it all depends on the...

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The formatting differences between the memo and the academic paper are very different. The memo tells who is writing the memo and to whom the memo is being written to. It has a specific topic. A memo is short and has a few ideas and they are briefly explained. The memo has three main ideas that the writer wants to provide information. It gives goals, and provides information on how they are going to achieve the goals, and the writer asks for feed back to the reader. The memo relies that the reader has some first hand knowledge of what is being discussed. The academic paper is written on one topic. The writer then goes and breaks down the main topic into subcategories. These subcategories focus on providing support for the topic of the paper. A academic paper can very in length. It could be a few pages to 10
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Unformatted text preview: pages it all depends on the subject that is being written about. The writer is providing information to an audience who may have little to no knowledge of the topic. The audience, purpose, tone, and structure affect the formatting of the memo and paper because they have two different purposes. The memo is to make one aware of changes, or new information. A paper is taking one main topic and going into great detail, it is broken down and supportive information is added. The tone is informative in both a memo and academic paper. A paper just goes into greater detail than a memo does. The memo is going to rely on the knowledge that the reader already has. A paper is trying to provide the audience with information that they may have little to no knowledge of....
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