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My first tip is when creating any type of document whether it is for academic purposes or for business purposes, knowing what tools are available for your use in Microsoft Word, and how to go about accessing them is very important. Knowing short cuts like hitting F7 on your keyboard will run the spell check. Or knowing that when a red line appears under a word just by right clicking on the word it will give the available options to correct the spelling. Knowing the little short cuts saves time. By not having to take your hands off the keyboard time is saved by not moving between the mouse and the keyboard. My second tip is when starting to write a paper set your margins, page numbers, headers,
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Unformatted text preview: the location of the page numbers and headers, spacing, font, font size. By doing this it helps to avoid two things. You are able to make sure that all the settings are going to be set the same through out the entire document. This also helps to avoid confusion on where you are to start using page numbers and headers. By making it the first thing that is done when work is started on a paper your page numbers will start where they should. Also after you have set all your settings make sure to save what you and working on. That way if something happens there is a greater chance you can fix any errors without having to start all over....
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