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Checkpoint Week 7 - presentation These slides will also...

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The Power Point presentation that I am working on for my final project is going to have a blue and white background. I am choosing to use blue because it brings peace, and tranquility. The white is to allow some where for the eyes to rest, but also white adds a sense of cleanliness. The font size is going to vary, but I will use Tahoma or Times New Roman for the actual fonts. These two fonts are easy to read. Most font colors will be black unless I need to highlight information then I would use a different color such as yellow or even red. The template for each slide is going to be different. I will have a title slide, and then the next slide will be an over view of what the presentation is going to cover. There will be then 3 or 4 slides that will contain the main information of the
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Unformatted text preview: presentation. These slides will also contain graphics. The last slide will be a slide that wraps up and highlights the important information from the presentation. Graphics are going to be office equipment, boxes, and other pictures that would be related to River View Office Services. The choices that I made based on colors is because there are certain colors that people have difficulty reading. So I am trying to use colors and fonts that are easy to read and make the presentation look clean. The graphics that I am using are going to be graphics that are related to the services which will be offered. It would make no sense to use graphics that are not pertinent to the services. I want my presentation to be easy to understand, but also to look professional....
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