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When presenting information I feel that the most effective way is to have a visual presentation, as well as hand outs that have additional information. I think that Power Point is a very effective tool for creating visual presentations because they allow you to use writing, but also add pictures, charts, and graphs. I also feel that you need to give the audience something to hold on to. By giving handouts that have additional information it keeps the attention of the audience. When presenting information try and find an obscure fact, or present the latest finding do something to keep the attention of the audience and make it interesting. The type of presentations that I am not fond of are the presentations where a person just stands up in front of the audience and talks, they might use a few props but mainly they
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Unformatted text preview: just talk. I have a hard time paying attention to these kind of presentations. When I was in high school I struggled with teachers who they sat in the front of the room or stood in front of the chalk board and wrote or talked. I found that I learned the material better by being able to read it. The only exception to this was math. That is the one class that I needed a teacher up there explaining the steps of how to solve a problem so that I could take notes to use later when I went to do the actual assignment. Even that didn't help because I still struggled with math. The way that each person retains information is not only dependent on their learning style, but the way that the information is presented to them....
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