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Capstone - tool on how to be persuasive and to create a...

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The knowledge and skills that I have gained about creating effective business communications will mainly be applied to my future jobs, and my college courses. I feel that the information that I have learned has taught me how to properly format business communications and how to use them effectively. I feel that I can now communicate in a clear, an conscience manner that will use an appropriate tone for my audience, deliver the right amount of information that is appropriate for my audience. Also I have been given
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Unformatted text preview: tool on how to be persuasive, and to create a negative message that is not to negative. I have been able to polish up my resume, as well as learn to write an effective cover letter to go along with my resume. Finally I have learned how to make a business presentation that is not only effective, but it has information that is appropriate for my audience that will keep their attention, and not overwhelm them....
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