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The first link of the blog by John Nichols has a good chance of being a reliable source since the author is considered a pioneer of political blogging. He has been doing blogging for over 10 years and I would believe that he probably has found out how to properly use his writing to inform people. I would really take what he has to say with a grain of salt and watch out for any sort of bias. Blogs serve many different purposes and a lot of the time blogs are just a way for a person to get their opinions out there. There are some blogs out there that the writers are using them to educate and help people to understand a specific subject. Wikipedia is great for information it references where it gets its information, but you have to stop and wonder if the sources that Wikipedia is using are they reliable. I think that Wikipedia is a great source for gaining a general understanding of a topic, but I would not call it a reliable source. I myself use
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Unformatted text preview: Wikipedia when I am need just general information or related topics for research. The third website I myself would not consider a reliable source it does provide references that it used in its writing. There is not an author present so how do you know who wrote it and you are not able to take a look into that persons background to see what experience they may have. The final article that is found in the proquest database I would consider a reliable source since it found from a database that the schools subscribes to for us to utilize for educational purposes. I also find it to be a reliable source because it is coming from the American Journal of Criminal Law and these types of periodicals the majority of the time have the articles written by people who are in the field and have experience with what they are writing about....
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