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The author of this article starts off by trying to make it seem like the problem that happened in China was more dire than it really was. He takes his arguments and be builds them up by including facts and data to show what the Chinese investors feel is going to happen and what American investors believe will happen. Both arguments provided data to help back up their opinions. Also it is countered that a lot of the problems that the Chinese are facing are not because of a decline in exports to other countries, but it is actually due to new Chinese economic policies that are starting to take effect, and they unfortunately are
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Unformatted text preview: coming into effect at the wrong time. With the Chinese introducing tougher labor laws that the goal was to reduce the amount of lower value goods all it did was lead to people losing jobs. The only visual element that was included in this article was a picture of laid off Chinese workers who were in a line waiting for their back pay. I don't think that this picture really added anything too the story itself, but it just showed that there are people in China who are out of work....
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