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Checkpoint Introduction and Conclusion

Checkpoint Introduction and Conclusion - Introduction The...

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Introduction: The United States of America was established by people who were not native to the North American continent. They came to the Americas from Europe in search of a better life. Yet over two hundred years later this same goal is shared by people all over the globe. There are some who go through the United States legal immigration process and others who risk their lives and come into the United States illegally. The issue of immigration is not new problem. Since the late 1700's the United States government has been working on rules and regulations for immigration. With an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, these illegal immigrants are here in the United States utilizing public services such as welfare that is paid for by tax payer monies. The services that the illegal immigrants are using are ones that they not entitled to because they are not American citizens, and they are not paying taxes that support these programs.
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