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Capstone Checkpoint - within the first few weeks of the...

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I have never been a fan of writing papers in general, but with going to school in an online environment I have had to write a lot of them. I feel that this class is excellent for someone who doesn't have a whole lot of experience in writing in general, for someone like me this class was not a real challenge. I think that there are people out there like me who have a whole lot of experience in writing and this class isn't really set up for that. I myself have my own way I write a paper, and the tools that are taught are not ones that I myself would use when writing any type of paper. I feel that this class needs to be redesigned and some of the assignments moved around. For example I feel that the outline of the paper should of been done
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Unformatted text preview: within the first few weeks of the class. I feel that this would of better allowed for more time to work on writing the paper and getting it organized so that when it came time to turn in the rough draft in week 7 you had more to it I also think that the outline could be used for more than a way to set up the paper but to brainstorm and allow for you to see what information you can and can not use. I would also tell students that you really need to pick a topic and focus on a specific part. As I went about writing my paper I found that I really just needed to focus on one specific part of the issue....
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