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Owen starts off the e-mail message by being vague and saying that he doesn't have time to explain. What is it that he doesn't have time to explain? He then goes on to talk about that what he reads he must write about later and that he clearly has read. He is being vague and is making no sense. In the next paragraph he starts out and once again is making no sense and he doesn't know how to spell. If I was going to write this e-mail this is how I would write it. Hi class, I do not have a lot of time to explain how critical thinking affects me as a reader. The affects are not just limited to reading, but also writing. There are times that what I read I need to write about later so that I can better understand what I read. I feel that clear writing is hard sometimes. Even though I do not have to write business reports critical thinking is important in writing these reports because the build rapport and build a interpersonal relationship
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Unformatted text preview: between myself and the reader. Writing critically means presenting information so that the intentions are clear. In business you read a variety of correspondences such as reports and memos. My aunt is a professor at a university and she writes articles for journals. She is a more accomplished writer than my uncle who is a businessman. Critical writing and business writings both have structure. It's not that one kind of writing is more difficult than another. It is that the structure the structure maybe more difficult. Thanks, Owen. I believe that Owen was not thinking critically about what he was saying. Therefore his writings did not make sense and it was hard to follow his train of thought. I believe that he was being ambiguous when he said that critical writers are better than business writers. The writing styles are very different, but even in business writings you have to use critical writing....
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