Assignment Analyzying Credibility Due 12-20-09

Assignment Analyzying Credibility Due 12-20-09 - believe...

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The commercial for Wendy's starring Rascal Flatts is paid for by Wendy's. Rascal Flatts is talking about how Wendy's is the real deal. One of the band members talks about how he use to go to Wendy's on his birthday with his mother and what he ordered and how still today he orders the same thing. While one of the other members is singing and playing a guitar. The slant is that they are making sure that people know that the meat that they use in their hamburgers is real. They are saying that the food that Wendy's serves has not changed. They show a picture of a burger being put together and Rascal Flatts is singing about how you know that Wendy's is real. This example reflects how people think that just because someone who is famous is stating something that it is true. It shows how the American people would rather take someone else's word rather than taking the time to come to their own conclusion. I do not think that it is credible to
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Unformatted text preview: believe what someone who is famous says. I believe that they are in it for the money more than actually caring if the product that they are representing is going to do what it says. I feel that Rudy Giuliani is a credible source for information regarding 9/11. He was the mayor of New York City and he was faced with handling a horrible incident. I would say that he is very credible as a source of what took place at Ground Zero, because it was something that he had to deal with and experience. I feel that his first hand experience is better than someone's theories on what actually took place. I do not feel that Giuliani is bias in any way, what he had to deal with on that day and even for years afterwards is not a walk in the park. He will be scrutinized for the actions that he did and did not take. He did what he felt was the best for the situation at hand....
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Assignment Analyzying Credibility Due 12-20-09 - believe...

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