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Week 6 DQ1 - man may enjoy having a clean house does not...

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I believe that in the story of the vacuum sales man that the sale man’s logic is sound because after he shows the man what the vacuum cleaner can do he says that the man looks like a person who likes to have a clean house. The salesman has no idea if the man is the one who does the cleaning of the house. His wife could do the cleaning, or they could even have a maid service that comes in and does the cleaning. Well yes the
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Unformatted text preview: man may enjoy having a clean house, does not mean that he himself enjoys doing the cleaning. I believe that the wife’s logic is valid. I feel that the wife’s argument is valid because they already have a vacuum cleaner that does a satisfactory job in vacuuming. The wife believes that there is no need to spend money on something that they already have and is not broken....
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